Affordable therapist in Berkeley/Emeryville/north Oakland?

Hi, My therapist (a female LCSW) is closing up shop soon and I need to find a new therapist. I’m  hoping to get some good recommendations for therapists who are helpful with things like dealing with a difficult aging mother, absent siblings, depression, and handling making the single motherhood decision (and navigating that path). I’m looking for someone in the Berkeley/Emeryville/north Oakland areas. It’s a total fun-fest! Thanks in advance for any recommendations 

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My husband has been seeing Shira Luft for the past 6 months and he's very happy with her. She also offers a sliding pay scale. Her office is in Berkeley. 

I think my therapist, Heather Roselaren might be a good fit for you. She is also an LCSW and is located downtown Berkeley. She has helped me work through complicated family and extended family relationships and depression.

I highly recommend Cheryl Krauter on Solano Avenue in Albany.

 She’s been great at helping me with loss/grief issues as well as with my single motherhood journey. Feel free to message me if you want any more info. 

I would send you to Dr. Lisa Lancaster.  She was super helpful, effective and supportive for me.  She is in North Oakland/Berkeley--near College and Alcatraz.  510-841-2525