Affordable quality horse riding lessons?

So my 7 year old had an amazing week at Kenilworth Stables Horse Camp this summer.  We would LOVE to continue but the cost and frequency of lesson requirements are not at all in line with what we can afford.  My gut tells me that a quality riding program that takes good care of its horses is just going to be crazy expensive.  But hoping I'm wrong.  I checked around online and checked if our local park district (Berkeley, Alameda County, East Bay Parks...) offered lessons and they do not.  My daughter would love to continue.  Any advice?  We can go as far as the Redwood Rd area of Oakland or north to Sobrante but of course would love something close too.  I know!  So much to ask...

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North Peak! Deb Henry is an amazing instructor and she runs a friendly, high quality program for young riders. It's a bit of a drive but so worth it!

You should try Skyline - directly across from Kenilworth.  We ride there and love it.  The people are amazing and they have amazing school horses for beginners, plus, they don't have the twice weekly commitment that Kenilworth does so its more affordable.  Hope this helps!