Affordable or Medi-Cal covered Social Skills Group for 5th grader?

This may be is a long shot, but we are seeking a social skills group for our fifth grader anywhere in the Bay Area that is more affordable than Communication Works or Think Social East Bay. Both programs are top-notch but outside of our budget. Our kid is not on the spectrum and does not qualify for Regional Center services; however, he would benefit from a group for sure.  The Ann Martin Center accepts Medi-Cal, but their group is for younger children only. Any ideas? 

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We haven't tried it so I can't recommend it, but in the course of my own research on the topic, I saw that Fiddleheads has a sliding scale for their services.

Access Referrals is the Alameda County database for Medi-Cal providers and services.  A call to them should clarify whether there are any agencies or private practitioners who accept Medi-Cal and who offer the type of service you're looking for.  Alameda County Access Referrals: (800) 491-9099

I have been looking for the same.  My daughter is older, almost 14.  I found that Kaiser has a social skills group through their child pschiatry dept.  If you are a member, ask them wha they have for kids your child's age.  All the best in your search.  I'm hoping to read more responses to your post that will help me.