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I’m looking for a newborn photographer for my baby due in early November. What we’d like to find would likely be considered a mini package, and we’d ideally get 4-7 digital images. I’m hoping to find a session in the $200-400 range that would still allow enough time to get a few good shots, if that's reasonable for the area. We are in Oakland but could drive elsewhere for better value options. I know the pandemic could ultimately affect whether this will even be possible but it would be great to have some places in mind that I can start contacting. We would appreciate any suggestions!

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We used Glitz and Glory Photography ( for our maternity and newborn sessions and were really happy with the photos.  Jessica was really sweet and fun to work with, did a great job of making us feel comfortable, and was patiently able to work with our 1-month old both asleep and awake.  Photos are of the airy, light, gauzy variety, so if you're into bold, bright pictures she may not be for you.  She's a little higher than the price range you're targeting ($150 session fee + $350 - $550 for photos), but it looks like she's also doing monthly limited themed sessions that might work for you (, $100 + $295 for 10 digital portraits).  

Hi, Mike Carter in Livermore did my daughter’s newborn baby photos. I think it was about $250 or $280. He came to my house. He might be willing to drive to your house.

Hi, I used Jessica McCoy  photography for both my son and daugther newborn photos.  Her studio is out in Benicia.  Not sure if that's too far for you or not.  I think her price is the most afforable.   You can take a look at her portfolio online

I did with Aline. She is so good, clean, adorable and more important patient.

she is expert in new born 

Highly recommend Adriana Oyarzun. She's done our family photos for a couple of years and has both great energy and affordable price points. Her website is She did our son’s photos at 3 weeks and she is incredible and great to work with. 

Renée Allen did our wedding, and she does family and newborn photos too. We loved that her work was more journalistic and less airbrushed feeling. When we arranged our wedding photos with her, she had different prices based on the number of hours she worked with you, so it made it affordable for us. It could be worth checking what her current prices are for a family session. 

We used Rachael Allex in November when my daughter was 2 weeks old and she was wonderful. She had a gorgeous and airy studio in Alameda (so I didn't have to clean my house). She's within that range and at the time of our package we received about 40 digital images.

I'd like to recommend Katherine Bricetti as an excellent portrait photographer. My experience was for head shots, but she's super nice, relaxed, professional and easy to work with. And she's a mom, so she's been around babies. Check out her web site: I don't think you'll be disappointed.