Teen swimmer with eczema

My 13 year old daughter does swim team and has Eczema. She gets it behind her knees, on the insides of her elbows where it bends, but also occasionally around her mouth and even eyes sometimes. The knees and elbows are not too hard to treat, but because she swims, gets sun, and is a teen prone to the occasional pimples and what not, I'm kind of not sure what to do about her face. Any suggestions of someone to see or products to use for the face of a teen?

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My 15 year old is also a swimmer who gets eczema. I have tried TruKids Eczema cream. You can find it on amazon or you can visit their location in Oakland's Jack London Square. Their webpage is trukid.com


RE: Teen swimmer with eczema ()

My teen son gets eczema on his face and not pimples. He also had eczema on his arms, legs and butt.  His allergist prescribed two types of cortisone cream.  One was for the face and one was for the body.  He also recommended soaking in tub for at least 20 minutes and putting on lotion.  The cortisone creams were applied cyclically, e.g. for one week twice a day, then twice a week and then repeat.  Something like that.  This really helped my son.  He didn't keep up the routine rigorously, but it did work when we did.  Using the creams really helped with the extreme itching.  He would scratch and start bleeding and not even know it.  I am not sure how pool water and sun fit into the equation but I suspect it only makes the eczema worse.  A hat in the sun would definitely be advised.