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I am looking for an excellent advocate who can help me with an IEP meeting. My daughter has had an IEP since 2006. I have not been satisfied with the outcomes. Does anyone have any recommendations. 

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From what I know about the IEP, they are difficult to get, even when problems arise with the kiddos. What specifically is the issue? I have heard of people advocating for IEP as well as private testing for IEP, which is the way some parents go if they are not happy with outcomes. I would say if your child already has an IEP, and your not getting the help you need you might want to either schedule a meeting to revisit the issue, or invite the head of your school district to attend the meeting with you. I know there are also alternative schools that help with children who have IEP type needs. I hope this is of some help. I have been through this with both children and finally in my daughters junior year, she is getting the help she needs. Private High Schools surprisingly can be great advocates. 

RE: Advocate for IEP meeting ()

Call the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) Education Advocates. They are the Parent Training & Information Center under IDEA for Alameda (and Contra Costa and Yolo) Counties and their services are free. 510.644.2555