Advice on Redfin or N. Berkeley hills realtor for house sale

We are planning to sell our house in the N. Berkeley hills and wonder about other people's experiences with either Redfin -- or any realtors that they particularly recommend working with for sales of houses in North Berkeley (hills).  Thanks!

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Redfin is a brokerage company, a brand with multiple agents working under its umbrella.

You're asking the wrong question. What you really want to find is an individual Realtor with whom you're confident working, a Realtor who understands the local market, and who has the expertise to advise you on how best to market your home, and experience in crafting offers that can attract multiple offers and net you the most after commission are paid.

I have got the perfect person for you: Romney O'Connell at Berkeley Hills Realty - we've had very positive and recent experiences with her. In fact, whenever anybody asks my wife or I for a Realtor recommendation, we tell them to contact Romney. Over the course of the last 6 years, we have worked with Romney in four different transactions. The first time was our first home purchase ever (in Berkeley), then we both sold our first house and bought a bigger one in North Oakland with Romney in anticipation of the arrival of our twins. The fourth transaction involved my wife's architecture business. I can honestly say that I don't think we would have been able to purchase either home or done so well on our sale without her. In the first case, it was her relationships with local realtors and mortgage brokers that made my offer stronger than the competition's. The second time around, she thought of us for a diamond in the rough opportunity that was more than we could have ever asked for. One of my best friends also worked with her twice (2008 & 2013) - repeat business says it all! 

Romney began as our Realtor, but today she is a family friend who lives just a few blocks away with her kids and husband. She truly gets to know you, looks out for you, and wants the best for you (and your kids!). She is incredibly helpful, caring, patient, and relentless in the boom market that we are in. You will be treated like family working with her. 

In summary, Romney O'Connell is a top-of-the-line, veteran Realtor with deep knowledge of the East Bay real estate market and the home selling process. With both her more than a decade of experience and week-to-week pulse of the market, she will help you understand the selling process, help prepare you for sale, and set a strategy for your sale that meets your objectives. I credit Romney for how well we did on the sale of our first home -- and this is the only thing that allowed us to afford a bigger home for our growing family. She also knows the historical homes in the East Bay very well - Romney has a great aesthetic sense (M.F.A. from Columbia and won a local historical society award), so you're in good hands in marketing your home or if you are thinking about renovation or sprucing before your sale - she's done it herself. We have, and will continue to, recommend Romney to all our friends looking to buy or sell in the East Bay. Her contact info: romney [at]

Faye Keogh at the Grubb Co. knows every property in Berkeley, and represents lots of buyers looking for sellers. She's an older lady who knows her stuff, is a wonderful person, and will guide you protectively through the entire transaction.

She found our dream house for us, and though the seller was represented by her company, never once put the company ahead of what was right for us.

I wouldn't hesitate to use her.

Kerri Monday! She is amazing and super down to earth. Helped us sell our house in Alameda for way over asking price.

she really knows this area very well. She can also present your house so it’s really attractive to the current market. She helped us sell during a really slow time after the summer. She is also not as stuffy and money hungry like some agent. I highly recommend 

We can highly recommend Romney O'Connell from Berkeley Hills Realty. She is has been in the business a long time and specializes in Berkeley Hills and El Cerrito properties. She was our realtor for the sale of our parents estate. She is an expert at suggesting what to do, or not to do, to get a house ready for sale, and has a keen sense for pricing the property.

Her contact info is 510-566-6911 and romney [at] 

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Romney O’Connell with Berkeley Hills Realty is truly amazing both personally and professionally.  Our family recently sold our home in El Cerrito to buy a new home in Richmond. Romney provided a stress-free process that went as smoothly as possible.  It was clear that we had the advantage when selling our previous house and bidding on our new home.  We actually took great joy watching Romney work.  She was always a step ahead.  Romney is a true artist and a master of strategy, meticulously paying attention to every nuanced detail along the way.  She was quick to make personal connections with the agents and was always certain that we maintained a clear understanding of the process.  Again, we seemed to always be one step ahead of the other buyers. The sellers of our new home actually declined a counter offer from another buyer because the offer Romney helped us assemble was so strong.  We couldn’t recommend anyone more that we do Romney.

Phone: 510-599-6911

Email: romney [at]

We cannot recommend our real estate agent, Marilyn Garcia of Coldwell Banker (corner of Shattuck and Vine), highly enough. 

She supported us through the ups and downs of a multi-year home search, helped us submit offers, even attended a foreclosure auction with us, and finally helped us get a home that wasn't even on the market, a fixer-upper, which we have now happily been in for four years.  She took the time to get to know us and our likes and dislilkes, and truly helped us with every aspect of both buying and selling.  We ended up selling our central Berkeley home with well over 20 (!) offers, thanks to her amazing stagers and repair crews.  We have recommended her to friends, at least two of whom found homes with Marilyn in record time.  

She is an expert in our hyper-local market, and just a great person to know, who does her job INCREDIBLY well.  Give her a call!