Advice re finding part-time childcare help for am

How difficult is it to find part-time childcare for weekday mornings? I am considering a job in the southbay which would require me to leave very early in the morning 3-4 days a week. We would want someone willing to arrive at our house around 7 and get the kids ready and to school. Just wondering how challenging it will be to find someone looking for just a few hours a week. We would also consider giving this person extra duties- like laundry and grocery shopping- if they wanted more hours. I am hopeful we can find this person, but would love to know others experiences/ advice.

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When my child started preschool, I only needed care in the afternoons, and my sense was there were a number of parents in my situation. I would have loved to have partnered up with someone like you who needed morning work only.  Instead, I ended up paying the nanny for morning "work" that consisted mostly of her napping on the couch.  I could be wrong, but I think it would be easy to find someone who is using their nanny (or wants to use their nanny) for afternoons only, and share the nanny this way.