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I would greatly appreciate any recommendations for a roofer you've worked with and were satisfied with.   This is not a huge job but the bid we got seems quite high and we need to get at least one more.  thanks!  

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I have two referrals for you 

I got 5 referrals and bids  for a new roof in 2018.  I ended up getting a roof from Ideal Roofing  (his estimate and his work was excellent) as I have a flat roof and my favorite roofer cannot work on flat roofs and give a guarantee anymore as his insurance changed. My old roofer who did many roofs on real estate projects for me  even though he could not replace my own roof came out and did touch ups in sections I was having leaks and did not have enough money to get a new roof ... Brian Palkowski from Pacific Coast roofing is amazing and saved me from leaks till I could save enough money for a new roof.
Pacific Coast Roofing Brian Palkowski is amazing. I can't tell you how much I appreciate his work.! And his bids were the most reasonable ! I was very sad that I had to find a new roofer. His crew is efficient, thoughtful and cleaned up everything as they work. I cannot say enough about his professional crew and his thoughtfulness! So as long as you don't have a flat roof  he is the best!

510-912 -5454

pacificcoastroof [at]

 My new roofer Ideal Roofing out of Berkeley off Gilman St. They did a professional job and their bid was the best price compared to other 4 I got.The other bids I had were twice as much and one was three times as much has his bid. He did a professional job his crew cleaned up and left everything in order. I had trouble getting a hold of him to get a bid as he was so busy. I  also have trouble getting a return calls . Only during the installation was he available by cell phone and responded promptly . . I have no leaks and everything looks great. 

Jim Merlone Ideal Roofing   jmerlone [at]

510 536-1111  leave messages  at office #

Thanks, Jackie Thompson

to ask  me questions 510 418 6694