Advice on Lafayette neighborhoods?

Hi! We are considering a move to Lafayette and would love any insight on neighborhoods! Namely, we have been looking Burton Valley and it seems great for us- kid friendly, close knit. But…we’d also love something closer to downtown / the highway. Can one still get the same neighborhood / cul-de-sac feel closer to downtown? Any advice on neighborhoods is super appreciated! Thank you! 

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Look at Silver Springs by Moraga rd/St Mary's. It is not quite like Burton Valley, but it a nice self contained flat street/loop and you can walk to Lafayette Elem and Stanley. People really like it and that can lead to higher prices. The trail neighborhoods by Stanley are also nice. Kids can jump on the trail on their bikes and ride to Las Trampas to swim or go to school or downtown. But once again, you pay a premium for those locations. Good luck!


We live in Lafayette and moved from downtown about 5 years ago due to the congestion and we now live closer to the HIgh School.  They are still building a lot on Mt.Diablo so traffic can be very difficult if you are trying to get kids to school on time by car. You may even have kids at the Elementary school and then the High School. It may be a bit easier if you are above Deerhill Rd. as you can still get to Bart/Freeway by foot and you can skip the Mt. Diablo traffic and go on the street via the Library. (Just a guess) No matter what you are going to get downtown traffic.

Id recommend doing some dry runs when school is back in to get a taste of the traffic. 

my 2cents.

Take a look at Stanley, Happy Valley, Reliez Valley and Springhill.  You also might want to consider Campilindo, Rheem, School Tree and Alice which are all walking distance to a downtown.

I think pretty much anywhere in Lafayette is kid-friendly and most neighborhoods are tight-knit, especially now b/c of the pandemic. If your children are young, finding a house within walking distance of one of the elementaries is ideal. The Trails neighborhood, as someone mentioned, is super desirable b/c you can walk/bike downtown and to school, therefore it's pricier. We live in Springhill and love it. Lots of families with kids/teens of all ages. When we were house hunting, Lafayette was a tough market so we didn't have any specific neighborhoods we were looking at. We just wanted to be here! I just had a must have list: flat lot with a yard, walkable street, within walking distance to an elementary.

Some random advice I wish someone had given me six years ago when we were house hunting. You're not guaranteed a spot in the elementary school you're closest to. Be sure to call the school to ask about it. If you don't buy a house with a pool, be sure you can get access to a neighborhood pool club. We moved from SF and every house we looked at, our realtor would mention which pools we could join, and I was like, why does he keep talking about pools. After just a few weeks of summer time, I understood! It gets hot! Happy to answer any other questions. I have an 11 year old and a 13 year old.

Thanks, everyone! This is super helpful. :)