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Hello all

please give me all your advice and product recommendations! I had a terrible time as a menstruating child and want to get it right. My daughter hasn’t started yet, she’s 11 but i want to be ready.

Pads? Which ones? Pain relief? Which one? Any and all wisdom appreciated! 

Thank you!

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I recommend raspberry leaf tea or tincture to lessen the heaviness of flow. It made a huge difference for me when I used it five years ago. The staff are really sweet and can talk to you about it at the Homestead Apothecary located in Temescal Lane ( I like the fact that it is easy to use as a tincture, not extremely expensive, and is natural.

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When my daughter got her period I made a gift basket/starter kit to "celebrate" the experience, (I knew she was going to have a rough time with it). I wanted her to be able to figure out what worked for her, so I bought various pads (panty liners, regular & overnight) and tampons (multi sizes), a few pairs of period underwear, a small bag for her to use in school, a heating pad, and some good chocolate! She really appreciated it & we had a sweet moment over it. :)

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I could have written your post 3 years ago - when my girl was approaching that time I purchased this through Amazon:

It's a great 'my first period' kit with lots of different sizes/styles to try. I think the key for my daughter was being able to try different things to see what worked for her, and switch it up when it didn't. So I also bought other kinds/brands (organic, dye free, etc) to supplement the kit. She was NOT interested in tampons (still not) and after 3 years has found a groove with a brand she likes.  I also purchased these: which she ended up using WITH a pad - I think the extra layer of protection makes her feel more comfortable. I've been wearing something similar for years and am happy with the combo.

As for meds, she does get cramps, but a warm heating pad and some Tylenol does the trick. Also, FWIW, it took about 2 years for her to become 'regular' so don't be surprised by stops and starts along the way. The cramps seem to have lessened as the years have gone by. Some of the journey was emotionally draining for us both, but as she adjusted to her 'new' body, we made it!

You're a super mom for planning it out - just your thoughtfulness will go a long way towards making it smoother! 

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My 12-year-old daughter started her period in June. I just couldn't imagine that the pads I wear would make any sense at all in her teeny underwear, so I stocked up on some "teen" pads: Kotex ultra thin teen pads with wings (available on Amazon). I haven't actually opened one up to see how the size compares, but my daughter seems to be using them fine.

Swimming hasn't come up yet, but at some point, ahead of next summer, I'll introduce tampons (or a period cup, if she's interested). Tampons are something I really struggled with learning as a teen, but what eventually worked for me was learning with applicator-free tampons covered in lubricant, so I'll start right off with that for my daughter when the time comes. 

And thank goodness we can all be relaxed about period mess-ups these days, thanks to oxyclean, which makes blood stains a non-issue. That's a nice change from when I was a girl!