Advice on finding out BUSD lottery placement?

We recently moved to Berkeley and have 5 yo twins starting kindergarten in the fall.  We went through the second-round lottery but haven't been able to find out their school assignment, or even confirm that BUSD received our application materials and included them in the lottery.  Any suggestions on how to follow up?  We are sensitive to all of the demands on school administrators right now, but it would be helpful to know our school assignment so we can start thinking about joining a pod this fall.  


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I would send an email to Admissions [at] to check on status. We submitted the required paperwork for round 3 and received a confirmation email within a week stating pre enrollment is Complete.  We’re supposed to find out late July/early August.

Dear Hezzie,

I would send an e-mail to school secretaries/school admin assistant. I used it to check if my upcoming KG kid has all the documents in.

The names are listed under that of a principal for each school. There is a link to each of the schools from Berkeley USD website.

To get an e-mail address, you would have to use the school directory.

All Berkeley USD schools will be on-line at least until October, at least...