Driving a moving truck towing a car?

Hello, we will be driving a large moving truck (22') from Bay Area to Seattle area. We will also be towing a car. For sanity, we're planning to do it over 3 days. Any advice on where stay so we can easily park this truck+car trailer, truck security, doing this move with the grade school kiddo, etc. is welcomed. 

Thank you BPN!

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My husband and I had the same plan lo so many years ago. After one day out he tried to back up the moving truck, and hit the car. Fortunately the damage was a mere fender bender, but we uncoupled the car and I drove it to Indiana while he drove the truck.

I used to work at U-Haul, and we sold a special padlock that's round, not a traditional lock shape.  The round lock is good because it minimizes the thief's ability to get a pair of bolt cutters on the lock shackle.  Look for a "disc padlock."  They also make something called a "hidden shackle" padlock which is even more secure, but I don't know if that will actually fit on the truck.

 Also, you should get a CLUB-style steering wheel lock for the truck.  They make ones that are extra-long for a truck, so you gotta get one of those.

My advice for driving the truck with the car trailer is to just be super careful you don't drive yourself into a corner that you have to back out of.  Reversing the truck with the car trailer is not impossible, but it's beyond most people's driving skill.  So don't pull into a parking lot and just assume that there's any easy way to get out of it.  Park on the side of the street.  You can even pull over and stop the truck and get out (and lock the truck behind you!!) and walk ahead to look around to make sure you're not driving into an impassible corner.  I wager that most motels are designed to have big enough parking lots to allow long vehicles, like RVs and trucks with trailers, to pass through.  But you can always call ahead and ask.  You might even talk to someone sharp enough to understand what you're asking about.

Stay vigilant with the truck.  When you get the truck all packed, or when you arrive in Seattle after a grueling drive and you're super tired and you need a break is when the truck is most likely to get stolen.  

Good luck!