Advice on computer or tablet for 5 year old

I am considering getting my 5 year old her own computer or tablet.  My 7 year old has his own chrome book and I'm getting a lot of pressure and nagging from my 5 year old (and the grandparents) to get the 5 year old one too, so she is able to have one available to her since the 7 year old won't share his with her after she accidentally ruined his progress on a few games and messed up his score by using his account on some apps.   It is his device and even though we set reasonable limits on screentime which he respects, we respect his choice and don't plan to force him to share with her.  We used to have a kids shared ipad (my old one) that she used, but it broke and she does not like the kindle fire kids device that we have for the younger ones to share.  Any advice on a good device for a younger child?  I considered another chromebook, but it seems silly to get a computer for a kindergarten aged child who cannot really read or type yet.  I would like something that is easy for a 5yo to use independently after we help her set it up, that is touch screen, that would allow me to get apps on it pretty easily using either itunes account, google play account, or amazon account (as I have apps for all three due to our various devices in the family), and that is convenient to use for both shows watching (netflix, pbs kids, etc.) and using for a wide array of education apps/websites/games.  Cost is not really a concern, though I would like something that is reasonably priced since it is intended for a 5 year old. Thanks.  

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Maybe consider an Amazon Fire Tablet kids edition. It's an android tablet with access to the Amazon prime programming and has a kids profile that has a pretty simple interface. You can also maintain additional profiles from which to which things like Netflix

My suggestion is that first you read up on pediatricians' and psychologists' formal recommendations for digital devices for children, e.g. American Academy of Pediatrics. Their recommendations urge limiting use of electronic devices of any type by young children (including 5 year olds) and address the issues of supervision vs. independent use. You state that you are getting a lot of pressure from your 5 yr old and grandparents. I understand that's difficult to turn off.  It's your call, not theirs.  The more informed you are of the risks, drawbacks and effects, both positive and negative on cognitive development of electronic device use by children-- as opposed to the choice of devices available--the better your decision will be. If you plan to limit the amount of time 5 yr old can use a device, perhaps having her own isn't the issue...she can use a device you already have for the small amount of recommended time.