Advice about hearing aids (might help save our relationship!)

My husband wants a new set of hearing aids; he's finding his behind-the-ears increasingly frustrating: hard to clean, hard to adjust. I think he needs something simpler. A cousin uses Phonak, which goes in the ear, where volume is easily adjusted. Any other ideas? He has United Health Care & Medicare, and is a Costco member. A supplier in Berkeley or Albany would also be good.

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A friend of mine uses the Phonak brand and is happy with them. I use the Opticon one  due to my ear shape and like them.

Whether Costco is a good place to get hearing aids may depend on the nature of one's hearing loss.

Most people who have age-related (or Tower of Sound rock concert related) hearing loss seem to lose their high frequencies.

In my case, genetic otosclerosis, I started losing low frequencies while attending UCB as an undergrad.

I use Phonak hearing aids that sit within my ears. They stay in well, even while horseback riding, though COVID masks, plus earrings, plus glasses presents a challenge.

Start with an audiogram to see what type of hearing aids are needed.  The two ears may be different.

If Costco can provide satisfactory devices, great. A new law allows for some hearing aids to be sold over the counter.

If he can't get what he needs from Costco, I have been using Hearing Science of Walnut Creek on Ygnacio Valley Road for years. They can do the audiogram, too. My Phonak hearing aids have been trouble-free for many years. If you lose one within the warranty period (5 years?) they will replace for a nominal cost.

The Phonak brand makes a number of different styles.  My behind-the-ear hearing aids are Phonak, and I find them quite simple ot use once they were adjusted properly.  I recommend visiting the Center for Better Hearing at El Cerrito Plaza.  I found them very professional and helpful in selecting my new hearing aids.  I was able to try a sample pair for as long as I needed to make up my mind, and when my actual set arrived I had a couple of months, I think, during which I could return them for free if they didn't work our for me.  They took my insurance (though I still had a substantial co-pay).  I know a lot of people who have been happy with the hearing aids and service at Costco, too.

Wherever he goes, he should not feel pressure to buy the "top of the line" if that's not what he needs/wants to pay for, and he should bring them back to be adjusted as often as necessary to get them just right (and whenever they need to be readjusted; this should all be included in the price).

I use and like Joanne at the Center for Better Hearing in El Cerrito Plaza. I think that in-ear or outside ear depends on the type of hearing loss. They'll be able to advise.

Similar situation, we also have UHC Hearing ( so we are trying 3 as that is how the insurance works, starting with Starkey from East Bay Hearing services, had a great experience there!