Advanced Minecraft Camp

My 12-year old son has played a lot of Minecraft over quarantine and he's gotten really really good at the games (like Bed Wars). He can sometimes hold his own against the youtubers that go on the server and gets a thrill by being included in their videos or being accused of hacking because he's so good. He also likes building redstone contraptions.

I want to find a camp for him (online or in-person) where kids who are also very good play games together and give each other tips about how to improve or just have good games. The Minecraft camps I've found are either basic or don't focus on games or do focus on coding, none of which really suits him. I've suggested that he make his own videos but he isn't interested in that.

Any ideas about camps that would be suitable?

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Planet Bravo- my kids love this and they are advanced with Minecraft.