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Does anyone know of a choir class where adults sing songs from musicals? I saw something like that at a organization that mostly has classes for youth in Berkeley, I think. I just can’t remember the name of the organization. 


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Berkeley Broadway Singers. Good group and lots of fun.

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Anything Goes Chorus ( performs a mix of Broadway, jazz, and pop. We have a concert coming up on March 23 (, if we aren't sold out by the time this is published) and our Spring season I think starts April 3. It's a super fun group of people.

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I would love to know this as well!

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While not exclusively, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley Choir sings lots of Broadway.  One of our sacred texts is the Book of Sondheim, and we happen to be producing Side by Side this spring. (We put on Cabaret last spring).  Rehearsals Thursdays at 7:30pm.