Adult ASD diagnosis—neuropsych recs?

Can anyone recommend a neuropsychologist who can test adults for ASD? Our daughter is having a comprehensive screening in the fall and my partner wants to be assessed (comprehensively) also, but the adult doc our daughter’s doc recommended to us, David O’Grady, notably omits ASD from the list on his site of adult concerns he screens for (and ASD is one of the things both of us are wondering might be at play for both our daughter and for him). I’m not sure if this is because it’s hard to screen adults for ASD? It seems a lot of people get diagnosed as adults so I don’t really understand why he seems to test for everything but this. At any rate, can anyone recommend someone who does comprehensive adult neuropsych evaluations that also include screening for ASD? Thanks :)

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i don’t have a rec, but wondering why the partner wants one? there aren’t a whole lot of options for adults seeking any treatment, and most of those in turn don't gatekeep based on a formal diagnosis. (insurance may be another matter.)

there are no criteria for diagnosing someone as an adult, which is why it’s hard to find providers. i was diagnosed as a child, and many adults are self or informally diagnosed. you could instead consider an eval just to rule out other concerns, and then run with it. 

I highly recommend Thomas Zurfluh in San Francisco. He can do most of the assessments and the interview through zoom, though there will probably need to be one in-person session (following stringent Covid safety protocols). My family had a wonderful experience with him. He is definitely able to do a comprehensive screening, including for ASD.