ADU Project -- Contractor Selection and Negotiations

Dear community! I am about to embark on a basement ADU and attic development project that is going to be quite substantial in cost and complexities. Naturally, I would like to keep costs down. I am looking to learn from your experiences around sourcing and project management for this sort of undertakings.

For example:

  • Searching and identifying (short listing) contractors -- Where did you search, and how did you go about evaluating qualifications to meet the needs of your project? Did you send out a questioner to contractors?
  • Negotiations -- Requesting / receiving bids and cost negotiating – what was your process? How many proposals did you solicit? How did you compare and analyzed the bids? Did you negotiate the cost? Why or why not? What was your approach / strategy? What was the contractor/s reaction (willing or unwilling to negotiate)? What were the biggest challenges and what were the end results of the negotiations (lowered by x%)?
  • Contracts and timelines – Did you negotiate the terms and timelines? Did you write a formal contract? Did you consult with a legal professional, used a template, or just worked with the documents provided by the contractor? In retrospect, do you feel a more binding/stronger contract could have spared you some headaches?
  • If you chose not to negotiate (costs and/or terms), what drove that decision and what were your concerns (harm future relationships, uncomfortable negotiating, no time, stressful, lack of expertise, lack of resources and tools, other)?
  • Project management – did you hire someone to manage the project? Did you do it yourself? What drove either decision? Are there any online tools you can recommend? What were your biggest lessons-learned?
  • At the end, are you satisfied with your process and the results of your project management and negotiations approach? Did you enjoy it and would you do it again? Why or why not? Did you use any online tools that you can recommend? If you had to do it over again, what would you change?
  • In general, where were your biggest challenges, and what would you do different next time? What tips and advice can you share.

Any and all advise, tips and insights you are willing to share are GREATLY Appreciated!

Thanks! Nervous First Timer

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