ADTP vs. BAWP for writing camp

Hi -- My 11yo son likes to write, mostly creative writing. Has your (current or former) middle schooler gone to the writing class at ATDP or the summer program at the Bay Area Writing Project (or any other summer writing program)? ATDP gets great reviews, but my son thinks it's too much like school. He wants a more relaxed, fun, creative learning environment. He's only done science-related ATDP classes, so it would be good to hear what the writing course is like. There are very few reviews of BAWP -- a couple are very positive and a couple of bad, but none seems to refer to the summer program in Berkeley (this year at the School of the Madeline's.) He's open to working on different genres of writing, but he wants to spend a bulk of the time discussing, learning and practicing creative writing. His goal is to write short stories and eventually a novel. Thanks!

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If you are able to go to San Francisco, I'd recommend 826 Valencia. My daughter took some terrific workshops there, and they are led by writers which is a bit different than a workshops that are taught by teachers from the "everyone is a writer" perspective. My daughter also took a couple writing classes at ADTP and they were more like "classes" so I can see where your son is coming from. She had a better experience with the science and math programs at ADTP which seemed more oriented towards exploration.

826 Valencia has a branch in downtown Oakland now as well.