Adoption assistance payments - success extending past 18?

We adopted our daughter through the foster care system from Sacramento County.  We're receiving adoption assistance payments for her along with Medical from Sacramento County  through 18 years old.  The money is going to her education and the Medical is extremely helpful as she has a number of health issues, including but not limited to mental.  When we received the offer for adoption assistance I didn't realize that it was possible to have it in place through 21; our daughter's only goes to 18.  Since she will likely not graduate from high school until 20, may never live on her own and will continue to need medical treatments into the future, I'd like to try to get that extended.  Has anyone done this and, if so, any advice? 

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I recommend contacting Bay Area Legal Aid for information and support.   Their legal advice line is: 1800-551-5554

We also have a daughter adopted through the foster care system and I will be curious to follow the answers here. In addition to looking into extending the duration of the Adoption Assistance benefits, I'd suggest talking to a benefits counselor that can direct you towards disability benefits that your daughter may qualify for. Depending on her situation, your local Regional Center, a local Independent Living Center, or a mental health program may be a good resource for finding someone. Best of luck.

Does she qualify for services from Regional Center? Here is the link to research it: - if she's a Regional Center client, my understanding is that there are many services they offer to help disabled people live independently. There are many Regional Center offices across the state. Hope this helps!

Adoption Assistance Program benefits go to age 18 whether or not the youth is still in high school unless they were adopted at or after age 16. However, a child adopted at any age may qualify for an extension to age 21 if they require continued parental support due to “mental or physical disability.” Based on your brief description, she will very likely qualify. I suggest you contact her AAP social worker to get information on the process for requesting an extension as every county has different procedures. Good luck!