ADHD prescriptions - how to make affordable???

Greetings, I don't get much discount through my health insurance for prescriptions. My daughter has been prescribed Concerta and the price of a month supply is from $227 (CVS) to $334 (Costco). I can't use a coupon or discount because it is a schedule 2 drug. What do other families do to afford Extended ADHD meds? Any ideas? Help!

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Try downloading the Good RX app.  It gives you coupons (even for Concerta).  When you get it filled you show the codes to the pharmacist and they input it like insurance.  Concerta on the app for my daughter is cheaper than with my insurance.  The problem is that it won’t count toward your deductible if that is important to you.  

Are you sure about all coupons? I’m not familiar with the specific drug your daughter needs, but I just looked at GoodRx and they offer a coupon for $90 for Concerta for CVS. I have used GoodRx for a schedule 4 drug. I had to argue with the pharmacy manager (they told me their branch didn’t accept Good Rx), but once I pointed out that it was the parent company that made this arrangement for the entire chain, I had no further problems.