ADHD meds while student is traveling abroad

 Hello all, my 21-year-old daughter is planning on traveling in South America and Asia in the next few months. She takes ADHD medication and gets a  monthly prescription to be filled, three slips at a time.  Have anyone dealt with how one fills these monthly prescriptions while abroad? Any information would be much appreciated! Thank you. 

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I would call her doctor and ask if she can get all of the medication she needs in advance so she can travel with it. The other option would be for you to pick it up and mail it to her. Unfortunately they are stricter with ADHD meds so they may be unable to do more than one prescription at a time. Her doctor would be where I would start as I don’t know if you can get prescriptions filled overseas. Good luck

Go to the pharmacy, tell them to call the insurance co., and to get authorization for multiple refills all at once for her to take with her. Also get extra written Rxs to pack along, in case they get lost or stolen, so she can refill wherever she is.

Very hard to fill prescriptions abroad!! Find out if your insurance has a way for you to do medication via mail in for 3 months at a time. Ours did so my daughter could have enough meds for a semester abroad. The difficulty tho with ADHD meds  are they are very valuable & ppl may steal them to sell. Also ADHD kid ma be more likely to misplace. So you & she will need a back up plan! Like a doctor lined up ahead of time that could have her records or who she could bring records too AND a safe place to hide her meds?

good luck.