Activities? visiting 14 year old and 18 year old

 I'm seeking recommendations for what to do when my 14 year old grandson, and then when his 18 year old brother, are here .  Each will visit only 5 days.

The 14 year old arrives first. He's whip smart, loves math, excels in school in all subjects, and enjoys computer gaming too much.( He used to read like a fiend but gaming is sucking out his soul I feel :((.   Poker playing has my eldest grandson, age 18.  However, 18 year old also plays guitar regularly, composes (and has a little musical group he performs with) and he's interested in art, poetry, philosophy. 

  What have the teens in your life enjoyed?  

  Thanks for your time.

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Well, the 18 year old could take some guitar lessons while he's here. My teacher is a wizard at any acoustic style.

If the kid is a rocker, never mind. Otherwise, call Greg Pratt at 510 708 2536.

Greg is reasonable, flexible, and wildly talented.

Get them OUTSIDE! You don't say when they're coming, where you live, or what you can afford, but I'd go for a memorable experience that they can brag to their friends about. They're too old for classics like the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but what about taking a kayak down Elkhorn Slough? A hike through Pinnacles National Monument with caves and falcon sightings or gold panning in the Sierras would be worth an overnight. In the Bay Area, check the GGNRA for tours of forts, shipwrecks, the Nike missle site. In Alameda, there's the USSHornet, and lots of sailing options. There are also many indoor rock climbing gyms, which may be the easiest of all if you yourself want to just sit down.

Feed them well and get them outside! Even if their personal interests are more sedentary, let them do at least one activity they can brag to their friends about. Rent a double kayak (very stable) at Jack London Square, take a sailing lesson, or go rock climbing (no experience necessary) at a local gym. Do Fishermans Wharf starting with sea lions and ending with a walk over the bridge. The Exploritorium. USSHornet in Alameda.  Chabot Space & Science (check night hours and bring your own food,theirs is awful). MoMa in SF a walk thru China Town. Do some evening activities. Everything is "cooler" after dark.

For food, at least one nice restaurant with a good view. Try sushi, BBQ, or other ethnic experience. (My nerdy 14YO grandson asked for sushi ingredients for his BD and spent all day making them. We also visited the bakery museum above Boudins in Fishermans Wharf, and the next day we made bread in the shape of tortoises and alligators.) Find a hamburger place that offers buffalo burgers, or look for cheese tasting or cheese making boutiques. 

Those are great ages. Have fun!