Activities in Spanish for 3 year old girl


we have just arrived in Berkeley. We are from Belgium but we have lived for the last 5 years in Chile. Our daughter was speaking spanish and is now losing everything. We would like to give her the opportunity to speak again spanish. We are looking for activities (after school or week-end) or occasional babysitter 100% in spanish in Berkeley or close to Berkeley. Any ideas? Contacts?

Thank you a lot for your support.

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Canta y baila conmigo at East Bay Music Together is fantastic for that age. Its a parent-kid sing-along (music together), with fantastic instructors - Anna Maria Violich Olivier  is particularly good. Because Spanish is widely spoken here, we've found that most sites for caregiving and babysitting have many Spanish speakers (e.g.  

Escuela Bilingue Internacional (EBI) in Oakland offers free Spanish storytime for toddlers 1x per month. The long-tenured PK teacher, Norma, reads the stories and she is fantastic! Gives a great picture of what the classroom environment is like. Before Covid it took place on campus in person, but has moved to virtual for now. The details are at the bottom of this link: