4 year old is pushing other kids at tae kwon do class


I just observed my 4 year old in a Tae Kwon Do class, he was very eager to play and when the instructor said, "run faster, faster", he got so excited that he started to push other kids who were in his way. May be Tae Kwon Do is not a fit. 

Please, please give me suggestion as to any other activities that can help calm him down.

Anxiously awaiting your answers. 

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Does the instructor have a problem with the behavior? He did say "run faster." As the parent, I'd stay out of the process unless the instructor asks you do do something. This class may be the perfect fit and the instructor will properly channel your son's enthusiasm.

Maybe you could try unstructured activities, especially something outdoors. Nature is amazing when it comes to helping kids calm down (all humans, really). There are outdoor schools with morning and afternoon programs for his age. We loved Early Ecology forest school. 

I think if the instructor is whipping the kids up by saying "faster, faster" and they are 4 years old, you're going to see collisions. Either the instructor is OK with collisions, or the instructor will learn to tone down his instructions for 4 year olds. Either way, you have a normal 4 year old, don't worry about it.

I don't understand the concern. Children at this age do not have impulse control, do not have the maturity when excited to anticipate the consequences of their actions for others. Your son could legitimately argue he was following instructions.

If this tae kwon do teacher is worth the money you're paying the dojo, s/he will help your child to channel that energy to his benefit while respecting others.  Give your child some time.