ACL Surgery//Who should I go to?

I recently tore my ACL skiing and was told I need surgery. I am an aging athlete (50) and would like to maintain my very active lifestyle (skiing, running, etc.). I am looking for an orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion knowing that I will likely need the surgery. The posts are somewhat old so I wanted to see if folks have more recent recommendations. The names that keep coming up in my research are Dr. Eppley, Dr Isono and Dr. Strotz in the East Bay and Dr. Hallbrecht, Dr. Benjamin Ma and Dr. Christina Allen in San Francisco. Any recommendations on these doctors or others are welcome! Thank you. 

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Dr. Charles (Charlie) Preston in WC. Lots of exp with athletes / athletic people (like me).

I am also an athlete who had knee surgery and I LOVED the whole staff at Dr Epply's office. HIs PA Melissa Chancellor is amazing.

I highly recommend them.

I am also an older athlete and had knee surgery a few years ago with dr Epply. His whole team is AMAZING.  I especially liked his PA Melissa Chancellor.

Good [email protected]

Dr. Eppley operated on my shoulder in April 2018.  He is terrific.  His office treats many people who want to get back to their respective sports.  Eppley is absolutely on top of his game.  I strongly recommend him.

He wasn’t on your list, but Dr. Steve Isono did my ACL and I’m back to all of the sports I enjoy. He is a terrific, talented surgeon. 

I also tore my ACL skiing almost 15 yrs ago. Dr Epply did my surgery. I was back running, playing racquetball and even skiing the next ski season. It has been quite a while since my repair and my knee is still great.  Only word of advice is to be religious about your PT!

So sorry you’re injured. I had three knee injuries and follow up surgeries. Dr. Epply is excellent but I also really like Dr. Laura Timmerman in Walnut Creek. And somehow she has Dr. Epply’s PA working with her! Timmerman’s excellent and far more personable and engaging than any of the other surgeons I’ve had. She did my shoulder in addition to one knee. Good luck. 

Go to Dr. Kenneth Akizuki, who is the resident orthopedic surgeon for the giants team. He was amazing for my ACL surgery. Also a private clinic setting vs large hospital (safer for covid19)

I’d second the post for Dr Akizuki.

He did my 18 year old’s ACL surgery and my 14 year old’s ankle surgery. Dr Akizuki is very generous, warm, and enthusiastic, in addition to be a top notch surgeon.

My son had ACL and meniscus reconstruction at age 14. His surgeon was Charles Chan M.D. at Stanford Children's Health. Great doctor and surgery went very well. My son recovered quickly and his knee is better than ever. Highly recommend. Stanford Children's has offices in Emeryville, Walnut Creek and elsewhere in the East Bay.