Accepted offer for Kindergarten

Hi my son is currently in Kindergarten at our home school district.. zoom meetings once a day and once a week small groups are not enough for him.

Me and my wife decided to hold our son back and enroll our son at Francophone for Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year. We can't afford private school so I think this should help him in the long-term.

Anyone have any examples of class schedules during the pandemic? How many different zoom meetings are there?

I'm curious to see how they have handled online learning during the pandemic.

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For that grade level, school is only from 8:30-12pm with a 30min break from 10:30-11am. Initially I thought it was too short for them to effective learn the language and other academics, but having overseen my child's learning since August I have come to understand that for online it was better than many other online curriculums. (Also significant exposure to screen time is something I am concerned about in terms of eyesight/health.) Student are placed in small groups daily to do activities, such as art, math, writing, story time, etc...--some are with a teacher some are done alone with instructions provided online. Weekly assignments are turned in online to ensure that the students are keeping up with their workload. In addition to the predominantly French lessons, the students have 1.5hr of English classes per week with an amazing teacher & teachers' assistants, all of whom are extremely engaging and interactive. There are also weekly extra activities that are available in the afternoon via zoom, either headed by one of the teachers or a French-speaking parent (typically for 30-45mins per session). Decisions regarding the 2021-2022 school year has yet to be determined, so I'm not sure how the online teaching will adjust. Starting May, students are expected to have the option to spend 1 day a week in school (for K-2, it will only a grade level in school per day) or remain online. I think the unprecedented challenges schools have faced has been difficult to balance, but the staff have been doing their best for the students. The curriculum has evolved over the months to best fit the children's needs and academic progress.

My son also got accepted for 2021 -2022 kindergarten. And the location for lower grade will be held in 2620 pleasant st , Oakland. I don’t know they will have the zoom class or not. Hope to see any updates soon