Academic/Science Summer Programs for High School Students

I'm looking for summer programs for a high schooler in the bay area. Would prefer something that is engaging and skills-based but also focuses on teaching science. A colleague of mine recommended the Berkeley Summer Institute. They focus on accelerated learning and cognitive training. She says she knows the faculty and course that it's based on and spoke highly of it, but I want to know what else is out there similar to this. I like the focus on neuroscience and the lab tours and the price is reasonable, but anything at Stanford similar to this? Or maybe other UC Berkeley programs? Thanks in advance! 

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High school students can take college classes for college credit during the summer at either the community colleges or at Cal. Why mess around with a "program" when you can take real Chem 1A?

My daughter took the Cognitive Neuroscience class via ATDP (courses for high school students offered on the Berkeley campus) one summer and really got a lot out of it.  Worked insanely hard.  Professor Bulakowski was great. -- looks like one section is full and the other is almost full.