Academics at Willard?

I toured Willard Middle School recently, and came away mildly baffled and slightly alarmed about the academic program there. The principal seems like she has it together, but throughout the tour, academics seemed to take a backseat to all the other stuff, like community building, discipline, etc. Those are important, I don't deny it, but the lack of information or engagement with the school's academic mission seemed like a red flag to me. When I asked specifically about the curricula in English and History, I got an answer that was mostly just the names of the various programs selected, and little more. Even more alarming, there was not one word about how the school approaches STEM education. I don't know what to make of this, whether it's just a personal quirk of the principal or what. I'd really appreciate some insight from current or recent Willard parents about the academics there. What was the English/History/Math/Science/etc. program like, and what did you think of it? Was it project based or worksheet based or exam driven or what? Seriously, after a tour that lasted about an hour and a quarter, I came away knowing only barely more than I did when I walked in, so any insight at all would be very helpful.

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