Academics at The Berkeley School?

Dear Parents,

Following up on a similar question from last week, can anyone speak to how rigorous the academics are at The Berkeley School? We love the feel of the school and the emphasis on social justice but want to make sure our academically advanced child will be challenged in K and beyond. 

Thank you!

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Hi - We actually transferred to TBS when our son was in 3rd grade because we were finding that the school he was at was not challenging him enough. TBS did not just meet our hopes, they went far beyond them.  The Balance of both the Social and Emotional Learning and the Academics is amazing and then you throw in their Civic Engagement - the school couldn't really be a better fit for what we had wanted.  When we first toured the school, we were concerned that our son was being pushed into the grade ahead of him to learn math and other subjects at his old school, so we asked specifically how they would handle that.  Not only did they address the topic and explain how they would differentiate but were able to show real world examples with current student work to show how kids who were more advance were given a deeper dive in the material without skipping ahead so everyone was still on the same topic and unit but all remain engaged.  We now are in our third year at TBS and couldn't be happier with the level of Academic Rigor that they provide and our son remains excited to go to school and dive in deep.  I hope you give this amazing school a chance.