Counselor for career path for SAHM returning to work


I am looking for an academic/career counselor recommendations . I did my Bachelors in Software Engineering and have been a stay at home mom for 10 years.  I want some counseling regarding education continuation and what could be my different options for change of path since I do not want a career in tech field. I need a counselor who would steer me towards joining the workforce and what could be my different options. Someone who is aware of different fields and future job demands and knows well about educational institutes in terms of which school is better than the other. 

Thank you.

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Wishing you the best on your career path! Although I do not know of a career counselor to suggest, here is a book recommendation that helped me and countless others:

Designing Your Life: Build a Life that Works for You

It's available through OverDrive, a free app with the public library.  I'm a fan of listening to audiobooks, though OverDrive also has Ebooks on loan.

Best Regards!

I highly recommend Toni Littlestone for career counciling. She has helped me transition careers twice - once several years ago after my second child was born and again more recently. To be transparent, I did not have a 10 year career gap to contend with. But I had a “I hate my career and don’t want to go back to school again to get out of it” issue and she was able to help me work through a career transition without going back to school (I already have a masters degree).

I found her most helpful when I was working through what I wanted in a new career and what strategies I could follow to work my way there. She didn’t do anything for me, but she helped me figure out how to do things myself. So to your point about what school to attend, she’s not the right person to figure that out for you. But I’m willing to bet she can help you find a strategy to figure it out yourself. Good luck with your re-entry into the workforce.

I second Toni Littlestone.  I have not personally seen her but a friend of mine raved about her and suggested I contact her for my own career counseling.  

My good friend Sophie Johnson is very talented with career counseling. She is an academic person herself and she was a successful recruiter professionally. She’s smart, kind and she helps people find their way and get the job they want. Shes a mom and She’s a Bay Area native but has lived in DC for two years now - with plans to return to the area in the future. She will do a free 30 minute consultation so you can decide fit.

Good luck!