6 yo dtr diagnosed with Khyphosis/Scoliosis

My 6 yo dtr was seen by Dr. Policy at Stanford Pediatric Ortho in December and diagnosed with 60 degree Khyphosis/6 degree Scoliosis, suggesting a, "wait and see approach," while also cautioning that my dtr should be seen/x-ray again in 6-9 months (rather than the typical 12 months) because of the early age onset typically results in more aggressive curvature and need for bracing/surgery.  I left this first appointment feeling both terrified and helpless :-( 

After hours of obsessive research we've decided to purse Schroth Method PT for Scoliosis, as from what I've gathered, this is one of the most effective treatments.  I've heard from others that Dr. Diab at UCSF is terrific in terms of his ability to offer various types of scoliosis treatment and offers guidance/opinions on alternative methods.  I'm wondering if there are other families/parents out there who might offer other suggestions or ideas of pursuing less invasive treatment to address early Khyphosis/Scoliosis.  I'm also specifically interested in nutrition for prevention of further curvature, suggestions on local expert alterative providers to address Khyphosis/Scoliosis, and feedback on other activities that could be healing to the skeletal and neurological systems. I'm also wondering about possible request for a school 504 plan to give her access to school based OT to provide suggestions on modifications in the classroom, as she has difficulty sitting and staying focused, which may be related to her back. 

Thanks in advance!

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 I can’t offer much advice but there are many groups on Facebook that may be able to help. 

 Best of luck 

Hi- there is a doctoral- trained physical therapist in Alameda, Dr. Suzanne Martin, who is an expert in non surgical treatment of scoliosis. Dr. Martin herself has scoliosis but she was able to have a career as a college dance faculty member despite that. She became a PT after that and treats professional dancers at SF Ballet as well as regular people like us. She is also publishing a manual to help train other physical therapists in the methods she has developed to treat scoliosis. She can be reached at 769-2917. I have seen her for various dance related minor injuries and her approach is to help you get healthy and maintain better health through exercises and stretches you can do yourself at home as appropriate. Good luck!