6-week-old won't nap during the day - any advice?

Our baby boy of 6.5 weeks has stopped doing "traditional" naps (i.e., by himself in a bassinet or crib) a couple weeks.  He sleeps okay at night, but during the day, he'll only nap if he is (A) walking in the stroller, (B) riding in the car, or (C) on his mom. 

Any advice on how to break this pattern and get him napping more independently? And/or any thoughts and experiences on how long this will last?

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We found that a consistent nap time routine helped - diaper change, darkened room, nursing, white noise machine. we try for 45 min to an hour in the AM, a longer one anywhere between 1130-2/3, and then we try for a late afternoon nap. We first gave this shell of a schedule and routine a try around 7/8 weeks. good luck!

We went through the same thing with our son. We kept trying to have him sleep by himself in this bassinet, but he'd often only sleep for 30 minutes or less, so sometimes I'd just give in and let him sleep on me (I watched a fair amount of TV and read books on my phone), and then he'd sometimes sleep for longer. The best advice I got from our pediatrician was just to do whatever was needed to get him to sleep (e.g., let him sleep on you or in the stroller or the baby carrier), because he was going too long without sleeping otherwise. He got better after about 2.5 months, when he would consistently sleep in his crib. He then started taking longer naps starting around 6 months. He's 2 years old now and a great napper/sleeper. I hope this helps. You're doing great! 

Our child didn't nap independently until he was 4 months old. Until then it was a lot of naps on the move or on someone else. It was hard work to teach him to nap in his crib. We did all the things - swaddle, put him down sleepy, pat/shush him while he was lying down in his crib until he fell asleep. Around 4 months (which I recall from one of the sleep books is when babies are supposed to naturally start organizing their sleep) it finally came together. Hard to say whether it was nature or nurture - though I like to think it was a bit of both - establishing that the crib was where he was supposed to nap, giving him a bit of help along the way to learn how to fall asleep on his own, and then biology came and gave the final push. It was an exhausting season (can never stop moving, which means you don't get a break), but once the naps came together...it was blissful. Hang in there and hold on! 

This is very common for babies this age. Most babies can nap independently again starting around five months - but some a bit earlier and some not until a couple months later. Up until then, it’s very common for babies to take several short naps a day and to need motion to fall asleep. 

This sounds pretty normal for a 6 week old. Every kid is different but typically 3 months old is probably the earliest you can expect predictability and independent napping (although 6 months is probably more realistic). Happiest Baby on the Block is a book that often comes recommended. I also highly recommend the app "Wonder Weeks" for general info on baby development. Swaddling is often very helpful and so is movement (a swing, car ride, stroller). Wearing baby in a carrier can at least free up mama's arms while the baby sleeps too. it's much too early too worry about creating "bad habits" so do whatever works to get the baby (and parents) some rest. Good luck! 

It seems that you have a perfectly normal baby! It IS this intense with an infant. Remind yourself that he is only 6 (!!) weeks, everything is a phase and the pattern changes constantly.

I suggest you give him what he needs to sleep, physical contact through his mom or motion. He´ll learn eventually.

I walked hours with the stroller. I planned nice walks with podcasts, good coffee and pastries! You better try to enjoy the ride while you´re at it! Good luck with getting to know your newborn!   

You’re still in the fourth trimester — baby needs you. This article may be helpful: http://www.becomingmamas.com/life-in-the-fourth-trimester/

Just want to share my sympathy because our 11-week old baby is still behaving the same way...He sleeps in his bassinet fine at night, but in the day it's very difficult to put him to nap, not to mention in a bassinet. And none of his naps are more than 30-45 minutes long. :-/

I want to add one tip that really helped me - if your child falls asleep in your arms wait 10 minutes before you put them in their crib. Otherwise they wake up as soon as you lay them down. Also every parent knows kids fall asleep in the car. I would drive around (for at least 10 minutes!) then settle in my driveway with a good book. You will find that getting your child to sleep will become a bit of an obsession. Try to rest while they sleep, being a new parent is exhausting but also a joy, that is the pay-off! Good luck!

Hello, I was at a conf and recall a researcher mentioning that wifi can impact sleep for some sensitive individuals.

You can try turning off wifi and using ethernet to see if it makes a difference for the baby.  Also, turn off the baby 

monitor b/c that also emits EMR and remove all significant exposure for 2 weeks and see if it helps.  I didn't know about

EMR until my son was a teenager... but I advised my sister who had her kids late and she is happy with just knowing that

the kids are not getting as much exposure.    

Hi! I know your post is a bit older now, but I just wanted to put in a plug for the good-old-fashioned baby swing! I didn't see anyone else mention it, but gosh, it was awesome during that 4th trimester when baby just wants movement to sleep. I'm sure you could find one used. We had a great one that could either swing back-and-forth or side-to-side (both my boys loved the side-to-side) and it would play white noise... they took MANY a nap in the swing. Best of luck!