4 month old - alternative practitioner for reflux?

Hi there, we have a four month old who I (and a doctor) suspect has acid reflux. We’re dealing with lots of crying, spit up, back arching, only feeding when drowsy, etc. I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for an osteopath / naturopath / or chiropractic care to effectively deal with a similar issue. Thanks! 

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My friend took all 4 of her kids to Awaken Chiropractic on Grand. I planned to take my baby there is he has any issues. I was a patient there both during and after pregnancy. They are great!

Something to consider is that it isn't acid reflux, but rather bottle aversion (which is often misdiagnosed as acid reflux).  The symptoms you write about - crying, spit up, back arching, only feeding when drowsy - are all indicative of bottle/feeding aversion.  Does you baby turn its head when presented with the bottle?  Does it take a minimum out of the bottle and then refuse to drink more?  Are you worried about how much milk it is drinking?  Check out this article: https://www.babycareadvice.com/blogs/bottle-feeding/feeding-aversion.  If it sounds like this might be the case, I highly recommend you read Rowena Bennett's book on the subject.  Life changing for my daughter who had bottle aversion coming out of the NICU.  Bennett's book has a specific plan for overcoming the aversion and it really works.  Feel free to DM me for more details and guidance.  

Hi there, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. My little one is turning 1 this week. He and his older sister (3) suffered a lot from reflux. Unfortunatley, we didn't get any good guidance for my daughter and just dealt with it for months and months. For my son, we were directed to a craniosacral nurse who transformed our baby's quality of life.

How? She diagnosed him with a severe tongue and lip tie and we were referred to a specialist and that doctor released the tongue tie (if this is the case it must be done before 6 months of age)  The reflux was reduced by 85%. His comfort levels, breathing, choking all shifted. I can't emphasize enough how much I understand this is so hard to watch your newborn go through. If you can connect with Holly, she will assist you. Wishing you ALL THE BEST. 

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Consider getting evaluated for lip and tongue tie at East Bay Lactation Associates or Happy Milk or another lactation consultant. Kylie Walsh Osteopath and Grow Faiy Acupuncture are other resources, as is Cranial Sacral Therapist Andrea Byers.

Flow Chiropractic! https://berkeleyflow.com

I have been going to see Dr. Ariel for years through both pregnancies. Just dealing now with some things I want her to look at with my 7.5 month old baby and she is so knowledgeable and very wise and helpful. Good luck!