2021 Growing Light Kensington thoughts?

Hello--I'd love to hear from current Growing Light Kensington families. We are considering enrolling our son for the fall and would love to know more about how families feel about the school. I hate to say this, but the fact that they have openings makes me wonder if something is going on there? 


Parent Replies

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Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. My daughter has been at Growing Light since she was 2, and we kept her in instead of enrolling her in virtual kindergarten this year. The staff are nurturing and the leadership is great. My daughter started after being kicked out of another local daycare for crying at dropoff (!). Though she has continued to have some separation issues, Growing Light has worked with her, not against her. When her transition to her new class with a new teacher last fall was made especially difficult in the context of an extended absence from covid, her new teacher actually met us at a park over the weekend to help her get used to her. Also, during covid, Growing Light worked hard to open back up and has been just fantastic throughout. Take that opening!

Our daughter has gone to Growing Light Kensington for the last 3 years and our younger son will be joining when he turns 2 in the Fall. While there have been some teacher and leadership transitions over the past 3 years, I think things are going well currently. They have done a great job with COVID precautions and we are big fans of the Montessori approach and curriculum. Regarding openings, my anecdotal experience is that a lot of families are continuing to keep their kids at home or in smaller pods because they are not yet ready to come back to a larger school setting. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions!

We started our youngest child there in August 2020 age 2.5 yo and we are very happy so far. Kind, supportive teachers and lovely community. I was surprised to hear about openings recently. We plan to stay! 

Almost every family that goes there is from the surrounding Kensington Hills area which has very little diversity, is rich, isolated, and doesn't match the surrounding neighborhoods. We were not from this zip code and felt like true outsiders at Growing Light.  We also didn't fit the homogeneous population of the school and were very unhappy.