2019 Growing Light thoughts?

Hi there --
We just toured Growing Light and are thinking about enrolling our 3.5 year-old son (in Laura's class). We like how it seems to be a good mix of structured and unstructured time -- and love that they make regular trips to Blake Gardens. Sounds like there have been some transitions recently though -- changes in leadership and some turnover? Would love to hear from current parents about the school's plusses and minuses. We will treat your to a beer at Circus Pub in exchange for insight 😊. Thanks so much!

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If you are referring to Growing Light in Oakland, I can say that our daughter had a fantastic experience there. She graduated 6 years ago, so the information may not be current.

The staff and teachers were warm, lots of nice families. When she entered Kindergarten at one of the strong academic private schools, she was ready in every way.

We highly recommend it.