2008 girls rec soccer team looking for players?

Our daughter has been playing competitive soccer for two years but is considering going back to rec to make time for other activities and interests so we are hoping to find a team looking for another player.  She really enjoys soccer, has decent skills, is a good teammate, is comfortable mixing with new people and is not super-competitive.  We live on the border of north Oakland and south Berkeley and are willing to drive up to 30 minutes to practice.  Please feel free to reply to me directly if you know of a team that could be a good match.  We are reluctant to have a club just place her on a team that we don't know anything about beforehand because it's resulted in her getting placed on teams that were already having survival issues in the past.  (Before she joined a competitive team she played on three different rec teams, all of which have disbanded.)  If we aren't able to find a specific rec team to join she will likely just stay on her current team.  Thanks in advance for any leads!

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I would contact the age group registrar for the league you are interested in.  I'm guessing Jack London?  There were always teams needing players, but I really doubt your daughter would happy playing in a lower flight, so I would go gently, hat-in-hand to the person who could find a good spot.  Keep in mind that being one of those registrars is a thankless job.  Worthwhile, and I don't regret my stint, but there are times I would have given my eye teeth for a parent who understood that I was not God. 

It's been years since I was involved in one of the local leagues, but what I recommended in a public reply [which can take weeks to appear] is that you contact the age group registrar directly in your league directly.  She'll want/need to be flighted properly, and the registrar is the person with information about vacancies and past team performance, etc.  But be really nice.  It's a demanding volunteer job.  I would go out of my way to help nice parents.  Hope you find a good fit.