Applying to Yu Ming for 1st grade

Hi, I wanted to ask if anybody apply to the 1st grade level and got a spot? Does the school offer you a spot first during lottery time if chosen and then take the assessment test or vice versa?

Usually how long is the assessment test?

Thanks advance everybody for replying 

Parent Replies

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My understanding is that there's a waiting list that's created during the lottery period but your child can be "called up" to take the assessment before school starts or anytime during the year when a student leaves. (This presents challenges of course for parents who have already paid the full year's tuition at a private school.) Other parents can speak to the length of the assessment test better than I can but it is administered by the teaching staff to ensure that the incoming students doesn't struggle academically in addition to the social pressures of being new. I have heard from other parents that the teachers sometimes make suggestions on specific topics to help get students up to speed on writing/characters/math/etc. as part of the admission process. Good luck!