17 yr old teen, depressed, grades falling--Wilderness School?

Dear BPNers--- Please share your experience regarding a year -round school, maybe a wilderness based one (or parallel help while continuing in same school) for our depressed 17 year old, "I don't know" grandson.  He lives with parents in SoCal; they're onboard for doing something more/different for him.  Eric "was" a star pupil, excelling in the classroom and as an outstanding athlete (winning all sorts of ribbons, trophies, in both areas).  Now he cares about neither. He was in the GATE and completed  AP courses; now his grades plummet.  There is no evidence of his using drugs, not even marijuana.  NOTE: He went thru several years of headaches. None of the doctors he saw in Bay area and in SoCal ever found the cause.  He sees a chiropractor, has tried acupuncture, cranial massage... 

Oddly enough, before this huge change from being the star pupil/athlete behind the scenes husband & I found him to be rigid in everything--creepily so. He was sulky except when he'd do his fake, LOUD, laugh.  Maybe it's his admitting to not-knowing anything that makes him seem more tender, yet some times explosive too.  (PS: He refuses to take any kind of medication.). 

-----Eric spends a lot of time doing computer games.  Prefers to be alone..'though he will, occasionally, have friends over, but they play on computer together.  He got an after-school job in a plant nursery, which he says he likes. Eric was seeing a therapist, but parents set it up so he only goes when he calls & makes the appt. (He hasn;t been in over a month.)

----Is there an all year 'round, educational, wilderness school  you can recommend-- outside if California is ok--?  Do you know of one that involves the care & relating to horses?  

 Thanks so much for your time..

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I am going through similar situation with my son and we consulted with Mary, an educational consultant. She can give your parenting coaching or school suggestions. https://empowermyteen.com/

I don't have any suggestions for therapeutic/wilderness schools, but reading your description of your grandson, I'm wondering if he could have mild Aspergers Syndrome (high-functioning autism).  Rigidity is one of the hallmarks and the unusual/unnatural laugh you describe also struck me as something I've seen among kids with this disorder.  My teen with Aspergers suffers from depression and my understanding is that it is quite common at that age.  Just a thought.  

It might be worth asking his therapist if s/he thinks he might be at risk of psychosis, or taking him to a psychiatrist to evaluate for that. Of course there are many other things that could cause what you're describing (simple depression, Asperger's, etc). But some of what you describe could indicate a young person at risk of schizophrenia. There's emerging research about identifying who might be at risk of psychosis or schizophrenia and early research showing that intervening early on can help change the course for these people. 

You may want to look into what I think are the most wonderful wilderness camps ever. Farm & Wilderness in Bulington, Vermont.

They are expensive, but there are all kinds of financial aid packages available. Fantastic camps, fantastic leaders, fantastic ideology, fantastic location.