16 yr old daughter--volunteering in Costa Rica or elsewhere

My 16 year old daughter is taking a break from school and wants to do a service project in late December/early January. We have talked extensively to the school and they are supportive, as are we. However, we want to ensure that it's safe. She's done a lot of research to find ones that allow 16 year olds to go alone, are relatively inexpensive, involve animals and/or environmental projects, don't require language fluency (except English!) and where Covid seems to be "ok". She was accepted into the below one. (Volunteer World/Animal Rescue Center--I posted link) Has anyone heard of the below project , know people in Costa Rica and/or know of others that fit our criteria? Thanks so much. https://www.volunteerworld.com/en/volunteer-program/local-animal-rescue-...

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I recently returned to Bay Area after living in Costa Rica for 5 years.  My daughter was 6 when we went  and 12 when we returned.  Costa Rica is beautiful and has much going for it.  However, personally, it is not a place I would send a 16 year old girl alone, from anywhere, but especially non-Spanish speaking from the U.S.  I lived in the metro area, which is where Escazu is.  They might sell Escazu as the upscale, exclusvie area where many expats live, but it also includes many predators for those same reasons.  It would not be safe for her to get around on her own, or even together with other young woman.  In addition, I wouldn't send a 16 year old anywhere in CR alone.  It is a beautiful country to visit as a family, though.