14 year old daughter searching for summer job

Our 14 year old daughter is eager to find a summer job. She isn't interested in babysitting or dog waking, and would prefer retail. She has an impressive resume and strong people skills. Where in the Berkeley/Emeryville area do you suggest she look for work? Thanks in advance.

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My daughter (age 19) just started a new job in retail. She mainly did google job searches and walked around to stores she liked to see if they were hiring. One thing she discovered is that almost all wanted employees to work 30-40 hours per week, which is a lot for a 14 year old (or anyone!). It is less overhead for the employer to have fewer employees, thus they would prefer employees who could work more hours. Good, long term, retail employees are hard for employers to find because $15/hour is not really a living wage around here. FYI Here is some general info from the State of California on laws and tips regarding teen workers: http://youngworkers.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/LOHP.factshee.Employe...

Good luck.