Public ping pong tables in Berkeley?

We live in North Berkeley and our daughter loves to play ping pong/table tennis. On weekends, we've been going to King Middle School which has two tables open to the public but only on weekends.

Are there other tables,.e.g. in public parks or other venues that are available on weekday (afternoons)?

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Hello, Berkeley Table Tennis Club hosts a friendly RR tournament on Friday evenings at the Berkeley Park District and they are open for play on Saturdays, as well. 

I am not sure if they are technically "public" but there are several ping pong tables on the ground floor of the ASUC Student Union on UC Berkeley campus that my kids have used to play ping pong.

Not Berkeley, but there is one concrete ping pong table in the Emeryville Greenway Park on the southwest corner of Powell St and Hollis St in Emeryville. Beware that it's not particularly level.

not in berkeley but check out this group in alameda:

alameda ping pong gym https//

No quite in Berkeley, but there are some public ping pong tables on the Emeryville Greenway right behind Cafe Rack.