Preschools with low child/teacher ratios?

Hello! I'm wondering if you know of any preschool programs in Berkeley with teacher/child ratios that are better than 1:6? Most places I've seen seem to be 2 teachers to 12 kids, or 2 (plus an occasional assistant) to 16-18 kids. This is for 3 and 4 year olds. Thanks!

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I don't think you'll find better than that; preschool ratios are set by the state, and most preschools are barely making ends meet even at the mandated ratios. If you've found some staffing at 1:6 (better than state licensing requires), you're already ahead of the game.

I want to say that I sympathize. Before we left Berkeley, I did extensive research on preschools there, and I agree with the previous comment: a 1:6 ratio was on the very low end. We've recently moved to the South Bay, and I'm going through the whole process again, and it is the same story. I've found a couple of places that offer 1:5 in the South Bay, and those places acknowledge that this ratio is rare and on the very lowest end of what is generally offered for preschool. If you want lower ratios than 1:6, one idea is to get together with a couple of families and set up a micro preschool for 3-4 kids and hire an instructor. There are ECE certified teachers on, Urban Sitter, BPN, and Facebook groups that advertise these services. It usually comes at top dollar, but it would provide a small group size and the low ratios you are seeking. The other alternative is parent participation schools, but that generally requires you to be there with your kid, which may not be possible if you work.!! my daughter went here for a couple years and it such a lovely space for kiddos!