opinions on Berkeley High LEAP: College and Career Readiness?

Hello Dear Parents,

My child is entering 9th grade at Berkeley High.  I'm choosing electives.  One of the choices is the LEAP: College and Career Readiness Seminar.  I haven't been able to find much information on this elective.  If your kid has taken this elective I would love to hear if they found it useful.

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Hi, I teach 9th grade at BHS and most students who take LEAP appreciate it in their schedule. I think LEAP is best for kids who need a break from a large class during the day - who would appreciate a small, close-knit group where they can really get to know their teacher and one another. Besides receiving additional academic support, LEAP students also explore college and career options and take field trips to college campuses. It’s an A-G elective and only offered to 9th graders. The idea is to give 9th graders the strongest start possible to build good habits for the rest of HS.