2021 Nanny Survey: Demographics

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Where do you live?

The great majority of respondents (92%) said they live in the East Bay. A few responses were also received from each of the other Bay Area regions mentioned in the survey.

During the past year, have you employed in-home childcare?  

We were looking for families that have used regular in-home care by a professional nanny, and 92% of respondents said yes to this question. 

Live-in nannies: Only one person of 231 responses said they have a live-in nanny.  They have 3 or more children the nanny cares for. and the weekly rate paid to the nanny is a minimum of $2750.

Survey results do not include other types of childcare that people reported, such as au pairs or childcare that takes place in the nanny's home.

How long has your nanny worked for you?

Pct Response
28% Less than 6 months
30% 6-12 months
27% 1-2 years
9% 2-3 years
7% More than 3 years

How did you find your nanny?

# Responses Pct Response
102 52% Berkeley Parents Network
32 16% Friend, family, neighbor, acquaintance referral
18 9% Website such as care.com, urbansitter, or sittercity.com
15 8% Next Door or other neighborhood list
10 5% Online social network (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
7  4% Nanny was already an acquaintance (housekeeper, daycare, etc.)
5 3% Private nanny agency or private consultant
2 1% Parenting group I'm a member of
2  1% Craigslist
1 0.5% Nonprofit childcare referral agency such as Bananas or CocoKids
1 0.5% Handmade sign in local business

Do you have more than one child that the nanny cares for?

61%  1 child

35%  2 children

4%    3 children

Do you share a nanny?

Most respondents (56%) said they share a nanny with another family, while 44% reported that the nanny works only for their family. Of the families that share, 91% reported that there are two children in the share. Only 9% are in a share with three children. 

48%  Yes, we share at the same time

44%  No, the nanny works only for my family

5%    Yes, we share at different times

3%    No, but the nanny brings her own child

For shares: How many children is the nanny usually caring for at once (including her own child if applicable)?

91%  2 children

9%    3 children