2021 Nanny Survey: Nanny's Duties

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Which of the following duties is your nanny in charge of at least some of the time? Please check all that apply.

  Pct # Responses
Reading and playing with the child 98% 182
Going with the child for walks, to the park, to play outside 96% 178
Tidying up after the child & light housekeeping 87% 161
Preparing food for the child 62% 114
Doing the child's laundry 37% 68
Going with the child to activities away from home such as classes, library, etc. 30% 55
Housecleaning for the family (cleaning, vacuuming, doing dishes, etc.) 23% 42
Giving the child a bath 20% 37
Pick up/drop-off for school, preschool, camp, or classes 12% 22
Doing laundry for the family 9% 16
Preparing or prepping food for the family 7% 11
Arranging or hosting playdates and parties 5% 9
Putting the child to bed for the night 5% 9
Helping older children with homework 4% 7
Shopping for child-related supplies (diapers, milk) 4% 7
Running errands for the family 4% 7
Shopping for the family (food or household items) 3% 5
Taking the child to doctor appointments 2% 3
Teaching and in-home instruction 2% 3
* Other duties and comments:
  1. Preparing bottles for infant (2 responses)  "Babies are under 1, so don’t do much. Walks outside are maybe once a week and food prep is just taking out of prepared containers and sometime slicing fruit."  (Editor: I added these to 'Preparing food for the child')
  2. Teaching and in-home instruction (3 responses)  (Editor: I added this as a new option - it may be unique to the Covid times)
  3. Light housekeeping only - dishes and cleaning toys (Editor: I added this to 'Tidying up after the child')
  4. Potty training
  5. "Folding laundry for the family" (Editor: I added this to 'Doing Laundry for the family')
  6. "Errands only happen when she doesn't have a kid to take care of and needs to fill some hours (while kid was in school for 2 hours for example)"
  7. "Light housekeeping" (Editor: I added this to 'Tidying up after the child')
  8. "Feeding and nap time"  (Editor: I added this to 'Preparing food for the child')
  9. "She cooks a vegetable for his lunch, but otherwise warms up food that I have prepared for him. So there is food prep but not cooking." (Editor: I added this to 'Preparing food for the child')