New Windows Recommendations

Seeking out recommendations for companies that do window instalations. 

We received a quote from Anderson's Windows, and although we love the quality, we want to shop around to find the best price point. 

What we liked about Anderson's is that they use composit for the framing, instead of vinal, and handle everything in 1 company. 

Does anyone have any other window companies they would suggest?

We are looking to replace 3 to 6 windows, double pane.

All feedback is welcome, even if you are just singing the praises of Anderson's.   

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We had custom window work done by Supreme Glass ---replaced huge 50 year old single pane windows--so happy with them, we've had them back twice.  info [at] (info[at]supremeglass[dot]net) .  Probably not the cheapest--but outstanding work


We are really happy with our Marvin windows that we bought from Ashby Lumber. They are fiberglass double pane. They have installers that they recommend and the installer picked up the windows and brought them to us. We went with the mid-level window and ours were custom sizes so they were a bit more expensive. It was about $800-$1000 per window to buy and then the installation was about $1000+ per window including douglas fir trim that the installer added. 


I just replaced an entire home's windows with Simonton vinyl series and I could not be happier. I love these windows which are elegant AND perfect for wildfire/urban interface rebates. And no worries, this is not the old style vinyl which had an awkward aesthetic. These windows are outstanding in appearance and quality, look like classic window design, and with framing in, in the end, are lovely with molding and trim, the window seal is tight as a drum, climate control is amazing and sound management is a little too good, because I have two metal awning roofs, live is a high downpour area of Marin and now I can't quite be sure when the bomb cyclones are hitting Novato because the sound of the rain is so muffled and far away. I used to love listening to the rain on the roof. Pricing was reasonable. I bought from Golden State Lumber due to being close to my home but Ashby Lumber Window and Door did my first bid. No difference, as I recall. Wait time was depending on which day of the week you order. tThis ordering practice was true for both yards. I guess it is how Simonton prefers it. Through coordination with Simonton manufacturing, the yard releases all the week's orders one day a week, Monday or Tuesday? maybe? and then it's about a 3 week wait from there, plus unpacking at the yard and then delivery  to your home so add another 2 - days for that. but double check on timing as it will depend on how many orders have come in.  Make sure the windows will arrive before the contractor needs them. I believe all 12 windows including a sliding door, with many about 96 x 48 in three large rooms, large windows in the living room, though others tiny for bathrooms etc and medium for kitchen...was less than 9 k including delivery. Ranked #1 by AD, BHG, Bob Vila, etc though I didn't know that at the time. I just liked the way they felt and looked and could afford them. Amazed by their quality. Superior upgrade for my home. The neighbors comment on my new "palace".  If redoing the remodel the one thing I absolutely would not change would be these windows. Now I just have to pursue the rebate.


In good conscience I am unable to recommend Anderson windows. The reason is an experience I had with the company about two years ago. We requested a quote from the company to replace 7 single pane windows with double pane ones. The quote seemed quite high so we asked for bids from two other companies using Marvin and Pella windows. Both bids came in considerably lower and we chose the Marvin ones and have been very pleased with the quality. While we were waiting for the other bids the man from Anderson who had visited us called and texted us repeatedly asking why we had not accepted his bid. He contacted us and pestered us so often I called the company to complain and the calls ceased. Since then I have discovered from friends who used Anderson that they have had issues with leaking due to poor installation and window quality. When service was requested from the company it was often delayed. For our Marvin windows we contacted Ashby Lumber and Truitt and White Lumber Co in Berkeley. Both have window showrooms and can recommend qualified installers. We chose Truitt and White. If one wishes to consider the Pella made windows the company has a showroom in Danville where several lines of windows are on display. They are top quality ones like the Marvin ones but slightly more expensive.