in need of special kind of soccer coach

My 14yo son was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease (Charcor-Marie-Tooth) last year. His type of the disease progresses slowly and does not impact his life expectancy but it does impact his muscle strength, coordination and reflexes which in turn has impacted his ability to play the game of soccer. This kid LOVES this game and has an extraordinary understanding of it and field sense for it and has made it his goal to play on his high school team (goes to 9th grade next year) but I can clearly see how the onset of puberty has impacted his level of play relative to his (now testosterone injected) peers. He came home from his rec soccer game this week with the report that he was subbed out most of the game and didn't get a single pass while in the game (after spending HOURS practicing on his own). I have made the decision not to contact the high school coach in an effort to pave his way (as much as my heart wants to) but I am willing to go into debt to give him the best possible chance to earn his spot on the team so I am looking for a one-on-one coach for a 5-6 week stretch this summer for intensive one-on-one to develop his strengths and mitigate his weaknesses. I would love 3-5 days a week and am willing to drive him wherever. Do you know a sensitive, knowledgeable coach who is coaching this summer who would be willing to work with my kid for an hour before or after their normal coaching schedule for some extra money? Can you ask around? thank you. 

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I read your post and wanted to reach out. I don't have a soccer coach recommendation, but we are in the process of receiving a CMT diagnosis for our 15 year old son. I'm wondering if you would like to connect with me? I think you can contact me directly if I don't hide my user name. Hope you find a great coach for your son! Take Care

If your son is currently playing on a rec team, the first step is to go to tryouts for competitive teams. In my experience kids who play on high school teams all have been playing on upper level (think silver and up) competitive teams for years. And talking to the coach in advance won't help. High school teams have tryouts similar to comp teams. They select players based on skills, not on parents asking them.