Moving to Alameda - which middle school?

Hi! African-American family moving to Alameda this summer. Looking for opinions on middle schools.
Our Rising 7th grader was accepted into Academy of Alameda Middle charter. Possible neighborhood schools are Lincoln or Will C. Wood.
He is coming from a very small private school where his social awkwardness was embraced. He will have an IEP. Thanks!

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Hi! I just want to let you know that my rising 7th grader will most likely be switching to Academy of Alameda from Wood Middle School. Wood has a lot more options in terms of electives, and also has a bigger and newer campus. However, it seems many of the teachers are overwhelmed by the number of students in their classrooms. They work well together as a team, and if you reach out with questions, you can find assistance and support from their Counsellor, the Principal and most teachers, but because of the large classrooms, my son would come home many times and say that the classroom was 'out of control' or 'loud' & it seemed some teachers had a hard time controlling the classroom. It feels like they are coming from the right place in wanting to help the students, but maybe it just depends on how your student learns best. The Academy of Alameda boasts smaller classrooms, and it seems the teachers and staff are more focused on working with students and providing specific support. Plus they have an afterschool program right there that is relatively inexpensive. 

Again, if your child is fine with a lot going on around them and they are interested in exploring a lot of different electives, I think Wood would work just fine. Their PTA is really nice, too.

Welcome to Alameda!